What Educational Programs Does the Educational Foundation in Fullerton CA Offer?

ENCORE is the Fullerton School District's new and expanded program of learning opportunities, made possible by grants, and is available at all centers that serve students in grades TK through 6.Welcome to the Children's Center, where Cal State Fullerton's youngest students paint, sing, and play to build a solid foundation in the ABCs of early childhood learning. The Department of Child Development and Educational Studies at Fullerton College has a long-standing tradition of providing quality instruction and active professional participation in the fields of early childhood development and education. Fullerton College offers a wide selection of programs, including more than 140 career and technical education options for those interested in advancing their profession or seeking training for new career opportunities. The Polk Education Foundation supports public school students and teachers to help them reach their goals.

Early Childhood Education at Fullerton College

The Department of Child Development and Educational Studies, established in 1959, serves as a model of best practices in early childhood education for children, families, students, teachers, and the community.

The Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency have designated Fullerton College's cybersecurity program as a National Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD). The Polk Education Foundation was created in 1988 as a 501 (C) organization (directly supporting) the Polk County School Board.

Additional Support Services at Orange County Community Colleges

Richard Tallase, a machine technology student at Fullerton College, was able to take advantage of Network Kinection, one of the many additional support services offered by professional education programs at Orange County community colleges. Cal State Fullerton is committed to making a positive impact on young people in local communities by getting disadvantaged children outside or helping high school students develop a higher education plan. Some have earned advanced degrees and now teach child development and early childhood education in higher education.

The Polk Education Foundation

The Polk Education Foundation promotes student success by mobilizing community resources to benefit student learning.

As a fundraising mechanism, the Polk Education Foundation may offer special discounts and incentives for Polk County public school teachers and staff. The Foundation acts as the fiscal agent and administrator of many educational programs for Polk County public schools.

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